Garden Tools Rentals

    Renting Garden Tools

Whether you’re a weekend warrior needing to complete a home project or a contractor looking to keep his overhead costs low, renting equipment seems like a more reasonable choice compared to buying. Renting also gives you a wide variety of equipment at your disposal and makes your dollar go the extra mile without having to commit to a one-time purchase. In this post, we’ll take a look at the various types of landscaping and home improvement tools you can find in your typical rental place as well as their most common uses.

Hedge Trimmers

If you’ve always wanted to get those unruly hedges under control but can’t be bothered Snow Tool Rentals

to purchase a number of clippers that you’ll use only occasionally, renting hedge trimmers is a great idea. These come in different sizes and can be used not only on hedges, but small trees and bushes as well. When using a hedge trimmer on rent, please remember to wear protective equipment such as gloves, ear mufflers and eye goggles to protect yourself from flying pieces of shrubbery.


Micro Excavator

If you’re looking to dig up something such as a foundation or simply want to clear out your yard in preparation for planting grass and a new garden, consider renting a micro excavator. These look like cranes with the only exceptions beingRental Tools & Equipments their size as well as the presence of a retractable arm which is operated using a hydraulic system. These are great for small projects since they are able to fit in tight spaces without compromising on things like maneuverability and sheer power. When you rent a micro excavator, expect to pay upwards of $100 a day, an amount that will cover fuel, transportation (delivery and pickup), and insurance.

Chain Saw Rentals 

Snow plow rental

Chain Saw

If you need to cut down a couple of trees to make way of the gorgeous view behind your house or simply want to stack up wood for your winter wood stove, consider renting a chain saw. These are versatile and powerful equipment that can pack a punch with regard to the amount of wood they can cut as well as the time in which they can cut it. When operating a chain saw, don’t forget to wear your goggles, hard hat, ear mufflers, and gloves to adequately provide you with protection.

Leaf Blowers

snow blowers

Leaf Blowers

Whether you’re looking to tackle a pile of leaves left behind by shedding trees over autumn or simply want to get rid of a few leaves to make your driveway and backyard look more presentable, consider renting a leaf blower. This is a device which uses wind power to move debris from one place to another so it can be collected and disposed of safely. Since trees shed their leaves at specific times of the year, it makes sense renting a leaf blower since you will only use it for a few weeks at a time, and not year round.


lowes tool rental


If you’re looking to do a bit of drilling, you can rent ditch with material, which is essentially a company that offers a range of equipment which is commonly used for underground work. This may include things like a trench digger, drills, vacuum excavators, excavator tool carriers and air hammers. All these tools are vital for individuals who work in the oil industry as well as those who are looking to prospect for gold and other precious materials. Given the fact that these resources tend to be stretched out over large land swathes, renting is a good idea since you get to move from one location to another without having to haul heavy, dangerous and expensive tools with you.

Compaction Equipment

If you’d like to lay down a new driveway or want to level out a certain patch of land in order to put up a structure, consider renting compaction equipment. It absolutely makes no sense to purchase compaction equipment unless you’re a contractor who needs it on a regular basis. Even then, renting will free up your money, helping you invest in other areas of your business instead of having it tied up in a machine that may break down at a moment’s notice. Examples or compaction equipment include rammers which are ideal for compacting loose soil and gravel, rollers which do a great job at finishing off and smoothening out a compaction job, and one way vibratory compactors which are used on granular soil such as gravel, sand and asphalt.

Backpack Sprayers

Pests have always been a gardener’s constant companion. Left unchecked, pests and weeds can decimate and entire garden and even backyard in just a few weeks. A backpack sprayer is a great way of keeping both weeds and pests under control. For the most part, you only need to use backpack sprayers a few times a year, so renting is a more logical option.

Lawn Dethatcher

Your lawn needs to be given a certain level of care if the grass on it is going to grow in a predictable and healthy way. Lawn dethatchers are, simply put, like giant combs with in-built knives. The knives slice through the thatch, making it easy to untangle sometimes hard-to-remove weeds, crawlers and foreign vegetation. After using your dethatcher, you may notice that your lawn looks ratty. This is normal, and the lawn will grow back and look normal in a few weeks.

Garden Tillers

Every now and then, your garden or backyard needs a facelift. Consider renting a garden tiller to help you prepare the soil before seeding the area. Garden tillers closely resemble lawn mowers; however, they are used only to turn soil in order to expose fresher and more fertile soil substrate. These are also useful during the growing phase of your plants since moving the soil around helps water and other nutrients get to the roots in record time. When choosing a garden tiller, choose one that runs on one type of fuel only (gas or oil or electric), and make sure to remove all stones around the area that needs tilling before getting started.

We stock a wide range of gardening tools for rent. Please call us today at [insert number here] for more information. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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