Lowes improvement store offers rental tools for home improvement projects. These tools come in variety, with each tool designed for a specific home remodeling task. There are tools used for tile setup, tools used for home painting, and many others.

Tools for Tile Setup

The following is a list of tools you can use for tile setup:

Pole Drywall Screen Sander

  • Tile nippers – also called tile biters or a nibbling tool, a pair of tile nippers can break a small chunk off of almost any tile. To make a cut with nippers, break off tile gradually in tiny bites. You must be patient and careful, as it’s very possible that you will break a tile or two in the process. But if you have only a few non-straight cuts to make – or some straight lines that have been scored on a snap cutter but are too close to the edge of the tiles to actually snap – this tool could save you the trouble of renting a wet saw.
  • Hacksaw frame with rod saw blade – if you’re working with a soft tile (meaning, mostly ceramic and stone wall tiles), a hacksaw equipped with a cylindrical blade can cut curves and do cutouts.
  • Tile stone – a tile stone is a file for taking a bit off the edge of the tile. Still, you don’t necessarily need one. The rough face of a cinder block works nearly as well.

Tools for Home Painting

Thoroughly cleaned brushes are available at the store and come in different designs and compositions to suit your needs, and they are offered at affordable rates.

There are certain home improvement projects that require tools that you would be needing only for a week, a day, or even a few hours. On the other hand, companies operating on handyman services usually charge high. You can save time and money from hiring professional handyman services or from buying home improvement tools by simply renting out tools. With Lowes tool rental program, you can just rent the tools you need and do the job yourself.

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