Constructions sites almost always have a concrete mixer, also referred to as a cement mixer, on hand. In addition, many homeowners who are able to tackle more involved backyard projects find that they require the use of a small mixer to create concrete. These devices produce concrete by mixing it with gravel, water, and sand.
In the old days, do-it-yourselfers would mix concrete using the tub of a wheelbarrow or discarded washing machine bins. These days, though, there is an overwhelming selection of portable concrete mixers as well as more heavy duty options for you to rent at an affordable price.
Though it may be a good investment for some, purchasing a concrete mixer is an unnecessary and risky expense for most people. You do not have to spend as much with a rental, and you do not need to feel the pressure to involve concrete in all of your projects around the house in order to justify buying. Renting is also preferable because you can try out several different kinds of mixers in real-life situations to figure out which is best for you.

Concrete Mixer Basics  

The interior design of concrete mixers is surprisingly basic whether it is carted around by hand or pulled by a truck. First of all, they have a large drum that spins on an axis. Most drums are built suing materials that can withstand the weight of concrete, such as reinforced steel. A paddle is located inside of the drum. The paddle shifts through the mix of gravel, water, and cement to create a concrete mixture with a uniform consistency.
Concrete mixers come in all sizes and shapes. Portable mixers that are moved using human power are the most popular for home improvement jobs, and we get a lot of requests for these rentals. And, most construction companies opt for renting larger mixers when needed. In fact, few construction companies actually buy their own industrial-sized mixer.

There are three main aspects to a concrete mixer that you should look at:

Frame – Since they are dealing with heavy forces, concrete mixers need to be rugged. They have to be able to mix concrete at the job site. Concrete mixers are built for the intense strength needed to be carted around. Reinforced steel works best for this.

Wheels – Larger cement mixers that are attached to trailers use the same heavy duty wheel design as trucks. Issues may arise with the portable mixers. Make sure you have wheels that are strong and big enough to go over bumpy ground and muddy inclines if that is where you will be working.

Drum Size – Drum sizes are measured in liters or cubic feet. The most common sizes are four, six, and nine cubic feet. However, you should count on the drum being able to hold about two-thirds of its capacity.

It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different types of concrete mixers if you are thinking of renting one as well as the pros and cons of each one. There are several different kinds that can be rented for different types of applications and jobs. Below are the main concrete mixer rental options.

Stationary Concrete Mixer  

These are among the most important and popular kinds of concrete mixers available to rent. To maintain a homogeneous and constant mixture of concrete, the construction industry regularly makes use of these powerful machines.
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These mixers are stationary as the name implies. As the concrete is being poured, they are designed to stay at a single constant location in a construction site. There are several different kinds of stationary cement mixers with a variety of different functions.

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer  

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In much shorter periods of time, you can obtain much higher intensity mixing processes using twin shaft cement concrete mixers. When you need to get higher strengths of concrete, these mixers are your best bet because of how strenuous the creation process is.

Vertical Axis Concrete Mixer 

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If you are looking to produce prestressed and precast concrete, you will want to use vertical axis concrete mixers. They are often used for providing several discharge points along with smaller batches of concrete because of their immediate utility. Planetary mixers and pan mixers are two subtypes of vertical axis concrete mixers.

Drum Concrete Mixer

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One of the most frequently recognized types of concrete mixers is the drum cement mixer. They can be further divided into reversing drums and titling drums. When concrete needs to be produced in very high quantities, drum mixers are called in to do the job. At a relatively low cost for both maintenance and operation, drum mixers provide additional functionality and can be used at high speeds.

Mobile Concrete Mixer

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On the other end of the spectrum from stationary concrete mixers is mobile concrete mixers. They are designed for mobile utilities, transporting concrete, and mixing it simultaneously. These are typically transported using large vehicles, such as trucks. Large vehicles are necessary to keep up with the workload while maintaining the necessary mobility on the road. Mobile concrete mixers are filled with the dry ingredients and water. They are then in constant motion to make certain that the mixture is agitated and maintained until it is ready to be set on a still form.


From portable models to gigantic industrial bins, concrete mixers come in all sizes and shapes. If you are just going to be doing smaller jobs, a portable mixer rental will suit your purposes. However, if you plan on doing commercial work, you may want to rent out a mobile concrete mixer.
When it comes to renting concrete mixers, there are numerous features to look at. Pay special attention to the wheels, drum, and frame of the mixer you are considering. For instance, the drum needs to be large enough to fit the tasks you intend to perform.
You have what you need and more no matter what concrete mixer is best for you. For more information on our array of concrete mixer rentals, give us a call today. We look forward to talking with you, and we hope this guide has been helpful!

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