Few things are as satisfying as watching a dull wood floor come to life. Discovering the potential of the wood beneath your carpet almost feels like cheating. It was there the whole time, just waiting for the right renovator to come along.
Restoring older wood floors is equally exciting. With the right tools, making your tired, dirty, or scratched wood floor gleam is simple. This guide will help you make the decisions you need to choose the best wood floor restoration rentals for your project.

Wood Floor Restoration  

Restoring wood floors is not complicated. It does take a little elbow grease. This is one of the reasons why choosing the right tool is so critical. Renting the wrong sander might mean you spend more hours than necessary sanding your floors when a heavier duty sander would get the job done more quickly. On the other hand, a sander that is too aggressive can damage your floors.
Sanding is the most important part of wood floor restoration. Sanding takes the top layer of dirt and finish off of the wood while also removing surface blemishes like scratches, cupping, and furniture indents.
There are two main types of sanders available for your restoration project: drum sanders and orbital sanders.

Drum Sanders 

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Drum sanders are aggressive. These heavy-duty sanders cut through grime, finish, and the top layers of wood floors quickly and efficiently. This is the perfect sander for heavily finished and damaged floors. It removes cupping and gets down to a new layer of wood in just a few passes, helping you save time and effort.
The efficiency of drum sanders is also their drawback. The sandpaper cuts through layers so quickly that inexperienced users sometimes remove more than they need to. The design of the sander also means that you need to sand with the grain of the wood. Navigating tight corners is therefore sometimes problematic.
Drum sanders are the best choice for damaged floors and large rooms, where time and efficiency are important.

Orbital Sanders 

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Orbital sanders offer a gentler touch. Instead of using sandpaper, orbital sanders apply a circular grinding motion to remove the top layers of your floor. This action is gentler than a drum sander, but it does take more time to remove the same amount of material.
Orbital sanders are the best choice for floors that don’t require as much sanding. Lightly damaged or dull floors shine up quickly with an orbital sander without the risk of too much sanding. This is a safe choice for your first wood floor restoration project and works well for smaller rooms.

Rent A Floor Buffer 

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Sometimes all your floor needs is a little buffing. Floor buffers come in a variety of models. These machines are heavy duty floor cleaners. Some use a light sanding action to remove layers of grime, but they are not floor sanders.
Before you rent a sander, consider the needs of your floor. Newer floors don’t always require excessive sanding and refinishing. A deep cleaning provided by a rented floor buffer might do the trick, saving you time, money, and labor.
Buffers are not a good choice for damaged floors or floors without a finish.

FLS8EX Floor Sander Rental, Drum Type 8” Electric  

This electric drum sander gives you a professionally finished sanding for your hardwood floors. It has four speeds for optimum adjustment and takes belt style sand paper. The paper is easy to load, thanks to the easy accessibility of the drum, which is located directly under the front cover. The drum expands to secure the paper, saving you effort.
If you have damaged floors or need to cover a lot of space, this is the sander for you. The 8” drum sander belt quickly and efficiently removes the finish, grime, cupping, and scratches from your floor, leaving you with a surface ready to refinish.

FLSORB Floor Sander Rental, Orbital 12 x 18 Electric

Use this sander to follow behind a drum style sander or to remove finish and scratches from your floor. The random, rotating sanding action eliminates marks from the wood without requiring you to follow the grain. The one-horse power engine means this machine boasts 3,450 orbits per minute, the best speed in the industry, giving you superior quality action without the weight, bulk, and aggressiveness of a drum sander.
There is another aspect of this sander worth examining. The design is ergonomic for operator comfort, something that is important for large projects. The design features torque-less operation, preventing your upper body from overworking during operation.

Floor Edge Sander  

Drum and orbital sanders are incredibly efficient, but they can’t reach into corners or along the edges of your floor. For that, you need to rent a floor edge sander. These sanders allow you to sand along the edge of the floor without damaging your trim. Getting into corners is easy, helping your floor maintain a polished look. Edge sanders are also useful for navigating around fireplaces and stairs.
Floor edge sanders take varying grades of sand paper to help you work your way up to a fine finish. As with larger drum and orbital sanders, keep the sander moving at all times to avoid an unevenly sanded surface. Edge sanders lack the ergonomic design of the FLSORB Floor Sander Orbital 12 x 18 Electric Sander. Take care not to strain your back and protect your knees with kneepads to avoid injury.

Renting Your Sander 

Knowing which sander is right for your project is the first step towards getting your floors beautifully sanded. The next step is acquiring your rental. If you have never rented the tool before, always have the rental department employee show you how to operate it. This saves you frustration at the job site and prevents you from accidentally damaging the machine.

Finishing Touches 

Once your floor is sanded to your satisfaction, it is time to think about floor finish. Preserving that fresh, new wood requires a protective sealant. Finishes add character and bring out your newly sanded floors natural beauty, putting a finishing touch on your wood floor restoration. All that is left to do is enjoy it.

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