The Ultimate Wood Chipper Renting  Guide

Certain times of the year and huge storm events can wreak havoc on our gardens and backyards, leading to fallen branches and trees. These can be a hassle to pick up and dispose of, often requiring specialized services. Thankfully, you don’t have to do all the work if you have a wood chipper, a simple but effective machine that makes clearing wood products a breeze.wood chipepr

A wood chipper is a machine that cuts wood into smaller size for transportation, storage or for use around the home. These machines are indistinguishable from, say, trash compactors with the exception that they are used for a different task.

Wood chippers typically have certain distinguishable parts such as a collar, chipper, hooper and collection bin. These work together in the collection and breaking down of large pieces of timber to produce manageable chips that can be put to use or simply disposed.

These machines are powered by fossil fuel or natural gas, and they are fitted with large wheels. That being said, they generally are supposed to remain stationary during the operation process to stop accidents from happening.

The flywheel is the part of the machine that does all the cutting work. This is attached to a power source such as the engine from where it derives its operation power. Alternatively, the flywheel can be powered by an electric motor. The flywheel’s speed slows down when it’s taking in wood, but it speeds when the wood is being cut and consumed.

flywheelThe Drum Wood Chipper The Drum wood chipper was the first type of chipper used on an industrial scale, perhaps due to the drum-like silhouette of the base. The cutting mechanism was located inside the drum, and during operation, it would produce a lot of noise necessitating wearing of ear mufflers for the duration that it was on. Given the rudimentary design of this first-generation chipper, there wasn’t a hydraulic switch that could reverse the cutting mechanism in the event that a big piece of wood would get caught in the machine. The Drum wood chipper also had so much power that if someone’s clothing or limb got caught in it, injury or even death would ensue.

Safety Precautions for Wood Chippers

Wood chipper safety is vital when operating these machines since the resultant accidents can be catastrophic. Before starting the machine, it’s advisable to get familiar with it by reading the manual that came with it as well as dressing the part and protecting yourself. Safety clothing options include gloves, eye goggles and mufflers which can go a long way in ensuring that everything goes as planned.

Ensure that the machine’s chutes are free of debris and completely empty, and take some time out to inspect the material you want shredded so you can remove any pieces of metal, glass and foreign objects that can cause damage to you or the machine.

In addition, you might want to avoid wearing sandals, jewelry or any loose-fitting clothing since these can all be very hazardous with regard to them getting stuck in the machine’s parts accidentally.


Once you get the chipper started, make sure to designate a 75 foot radius between the machine and other people, pets and children. This safe zone can mean a world of difference since it will give you the time you need to turn off the machine should anyone come closer. Next, always make sure that hands, fingers and feet are far away from any rotating parts. In addition, you want to keep a good distance from both the feeding chamber and discharge openings at all times just to be on the safe side.

When operating the machine, make sure that the inlet nozzle as well as hose attachment are attached firmly to the machine, and never attempt to change wither of these two when the machine is running. If you’d like to inspect or clean the machine, ensure that the chipper is off and that all moving have come to a stop. Just to be on the safe side, take the spark ignition and disconnect it, placing it on the ground to make sure that the engine doesn’t start up again for any reason.

It’s important to take into account the kind of material that you can chop using a chipper. Insert moderately-sized wood and debris and steer clear of large chunks since bits of them may fly out of the machine, resulting in blunt force trauma. In addition, you should use a sturdy pole to feed wood into the machine and never your hand. As mentioned, avoid the feed chute area and use the transport compartment to feed smaller parts such as leaves and twigs into the chipper.

Rent a Wood Chipper Today!

There are different types of wood chippers ranging from small electrical ones to gas chipper shredders vacuums and high-torque rollers. If you wanRent a Wood Chippert something that’s low speed, consider choosing a high-torque roller since these are powered by an electric motor which produces a relatively low noise pollution. If, on the other hand, you’d like something that can help you get rid of a sizeable tree that fell on your lawn, consider getting a drum chipper. Please note that these can be dangerous to operate so exercise a lot of caution when doing so. A disc chipper has a steel wheel which rotates in a fast manner slicing wood into smaller chips. Opt for this one if you want to save time since they tend to be very efficient. If you’re looking to rent a wood chipper, please contact us  to speak to one of our experts. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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