Purchasing an expensive tool that will be used once or just twice a year on a specific project and leave it in the storage room after is a waste of money. The best option is to rent, you can use high-quality tools that will surely deliver quality output and save you more time.

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Tools You Should Rent

The tools you should rent than buy are the following:

Tile Saw

Yes, you can buy a cheap tile saw at $50 only, this will seem a good deal but this kind of tile saw has limited capabilities. This is designed for porcelain and ceramic tiles but is not a good kind for cutting thick or marble tiles. Also, the adjustable arm and small deck will have trouble in accommodating big tiles if you are cutting a 16-22 inch tiles. With this, you can rent high-quality tile saws that can handle any type of tile. This kind of tile saw sells at $1200. However, if you really want to buy commercial tile saw, the better option is to buy from rental centers, they sell used tools.

Post-Hole Digger

Manual post-hole digger sells for only $25 but this cannot do the job if you are building a deck or putting a fence. Instead of buying a clamshell and manual post-hole digger, you can rent a one or two person powerful auger depending on the type of soil you are going to dig. This will save you more time.

Rotary Hammer

Once in a while, you need a rotary hammer to bore your foundation to knock old mortar or run a dryer but you need to use a more powerful tool. You can purchase masonry bits but without the hammer action that it requires, drilling and pushing will not go anywhere. You need to use a rotary hammer and in just thirty seconds, you are done! However, a rotary hammer is expensive that sells hundreds of dollars or more for quality brands. The best way is to rent it, usually they charge you for only $35 for the duration of four hours.


Normally, you only need a tiller once or even twice a year unless you are fanatic of gardening. Most of the time, it just adds a space in your storage room. If you use a tiller for two hours each year, you can rent a hydraulic rear tiller for only $90-$100 each day.

These tools are better rented than bought. Remember, when you decide to buy a tool, one of the most important factors to consider is the frequency of its use.

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Tools You Should Rent

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