Getting the right snow plow attachment rental for your truck, tractor, or ATV is especially important when you use rental equipment. Plowing your driveway or parking lots is one of the single biggest jobs in terms of sheer amount of work that you will have to complete in the winter. And, when you have the right equipment, it can make a huge different in how efficiently and quickly you are able to clear the snow and be on your way.
A snow plow is a great attachment for your SUV, jeep, or other vehicles for economically and quickly removing snow from streets, driveways, parking lots, walkways and more. And, while buying a snow plow attachment for your vehicle may be a good investment for some, it is an unnecessary and risky expense for most people. With rentals, you save money, and you do not need to hope for a particularly snowy winter to feel like you got your money’s worth!
When choosing the best snow plow attachment rental you may want to think about whether you want a V-plow or a straight plow. You also need to make sure that you get the right mounting equipment for your vehicle.
Ultimately, making the decision on the right snow plow attachment rental to use will vary based on the size of the area you want to plow and the type of vehicle you have. Something lighter and smaller might do the trick if you have a small space. However, you might want something a little more heavy duty if you plan on commercial uses or want to plow large parking areas.

How to Pick a Snow Plow Attachment Rental  

For those of us looking to save money and not have to deal with the headache and costs of having a personal snow plow attachment, renting your snow plow is the smart way to go. Yet, there are plenty of aspects you need to take into consideration before calling your preferred snow plow attachment rental company. This includes things like the type of snow plow attachment and area you want to plow. In this guide, we will examine some of these considerations along with what is available to you with regards to snow plow attachment types.
You can generally find the following types of snow plow attachments from a typical rental company:

Straight Plow Attachments  

Straight plow blades are exactly what they sound like. The blade that is attached to your truck, tractor, or ATV is straight across. It can be angled in one direction or another (typically you want to angle away from buildings).
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A seven to seven-and-a-half foot straight blade will be more than sufficient if you want a plow rental purely for home use or to clear the driveways of a few friends or family members. When purchased new, these blades will cost up to $5,000 depending on the model and size of the plow. For most families this is cost prohibitive. This makes renting optimal.

V-Plow Attachments  

A V-plow blade is shaped like a V. As you plow the snow, it pushes it to either side of you. You will need nothing less than an eight-foot plow and preferably a V-plow if you are looking to commercially plow long rural driveways, side roads, or parking lots. These plows are also useful if you intend on having multiple accounts. This is because you will need to clear snow efficiently and quickly. You will be able to move fast from one job to the next with the multi-position capabilities of the V-plow making plowing faster and easier.
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V-blades are generally more expensive than straight blades with commercial equipment usually in the $6,000 range when purchased new. Many will choose to rent when they first start their enterprise until they have built up enough profits and test out enough plows to buy for themselves.
When comparing V-plows and straight plows, there are several things to take into consideration. Both are durable enough to get the job done. Since they are less costly than V-blades, straight blades are still a popular rental. A V-blade is able to direct snow in many more ways than a straight blade due to the multi-position capabilities. A straight blade simply cannot match the ability of a V-plow to stack snow when it is in the “scoop” position. Plus, it is easier to slice through snow that may have frozen overnight.

Box Plow Attachments 

Box plows are designed to push snow straight ahead without damaging the pavement beneath them or leaving windrows. Compared to a standard snow plow, box plows can push snow up to five times faster. This can have a big impact on the amount of time a job takes and how much money you can make. Box snow plows can be attached to tractors, backhoes, forklifts, skid steers, front loaders, and other heavy equipment.
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Plow Materials 

There are three main types of plow materials: poly, mild steel, and stainless steel. All three are adequate for commercial and residential work, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. The slickest of the three is poly. Snow will slide off the side easier and faster, and it will not stick to the blade. Poly is also quite resistant to dents, corrosion, and scratches.
Stainless steel has a slight advantage over mild steel in slickness, and it is corrosion resistant. It is also the most visually appealing alternative according to many. It is more prone to scratches and dents. The plow will get dings when you hit rocks. This could affect the plows performance and give it an unsightly appearance in the long run. Of course, this is not much of a concern with rentals.
Mild steel is the standard in the industry. For decades, it has bene used to manufacture plows. To prevent rust, steel plows are treated with a zinc powder coating. They are valued for being rigid and durable.


We have what you need and more no matter what your snow plow attachment choice is. For more information on our broad range of snow plow attachment rentals, please contact us today. Thank you for reading our guide, and we look forward to talking with you.

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