Rental Centers in New York

Lowes Rental Equipment in New York

The state of New York has some of the most beautiful cities in the world. For those who live in New York State, they may find that the use of rental equipment is the best option for them when completing a project at home that requires specific tools.

The residents of the state of New York are often privileged to live in a home that has a lot of history. While there are new homes being built throughout the state, many people still flock to those older, more historic homes.

In doing so, the homeowner can may need a part of the rooms repaired in order to keep the home looking its best.


Flooring Repair and Cleaning Rentals

One of the leading repair items to top the list when looking at homes in New York, especially in those older homes, is the flooring. There may be times in which sanders, buffers and even scrapers will be needed to remove old wax on the hardwood floors.

For those who are located in Albany, Glenmont, or Halfmoon, the good news is you can now rent these much needed tools from Lowes. Why purchase these tools for a job that will only be done once in so many years?

 More than Just Floors

Renting the equipment that Lowes has to offer in their inventory is easy. And they offer a lot of options so you can do more than just floors. There are also Lowes tool rental tillers to consider for those who are starting a garden in their backyard, as well as a Lowes tool rental stump grinder for clearing your property.

Within New York State, the tools for rent list may vary from store to store.

The price for each rental tool varies: it can be as low as $25 per day, or as high as $65 per day. These prices are much more affordable than spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a tool, and only using it for one job.


  • Store Number: 1973
  • (0.0 Miles)
  • COLONIE, NY 12205


  • Store Number: 1784
  • (0.0 Miles)
  • 271 ROUTE 9 WEST
  • GLENMONT, NY 12077



  • Store Number: 1740
  • (0.0 Miles)
  • 476 ROUTE 146
  • HALFMOON, NY 12065