Lowes Rental Center Items


The Lowes Rental Center is your second tool shed where Lowes professionals maintain and have at-the-ready every imaginable specialty tool ready for your use. These are the specialty tools that are too expensive to purchase for rare use and yet critical in getting the job done when called upon. Whether it is that once a year brush chipper or once every ten years when you need a concrete cutter, these tools are ready to rent at the Lowes Rental Center.

Lowes General Construction Rentals

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Renting Tools at Lowes


Whether for the do it yourself handy person or the contractor that needs a specialty tool that they have not yet added to their tool shed, the Lowes Rental Center is ready to provide low cost heavy duty professional tools for many specialty applications.


Drywall Lifter Rental – Hanging drywall is difficult to accomplish alone because oftentimes one person needs to hold it in place while the other fastens it. This tool gives you the extra hands needed to handle drywall jobs with a single person.

Air Mover Rental  – Anytime you need air flow or an aid in drying a surface these air movers can be set in place for hours and even days in order to eliminate all residual moisture. They can also be used to simply keep an area cool or held by hand to blow away dust or debris.

Plate compactor Rental  – This specialty tool is used when you are compressing loose material into a more dense state. Whether for sand under a paver or loose brick lay, or for landscape or other loose material applications, this tool automates the job and is much more effective than compacting an area by stepping on it repeatedly.

Finishing Nailer Rental – Not everyone has a powered finish nailer, yet when needed it is an incredible time saver. The Lowes Rental Center has a finish nailer ready for your use.


Lawn and Garden Rentals


Every garage has a mower, weed trimmer, and even a back pack blower because each of these are needed weekly. But for tools that are needed with less frequency, the Lowes Rental Center gives you low priced access to powerful time saving lawn and garden tools that when needed will save you time, money, and effort.


One Man Auger Rental  and Two Man Augers Rental  – The difference between an auger and using a manual pipe hole digger is that the auger not only saves a tremendous amount of time, it also saves a tremendous amount of effort. Even a series of simple fence holes that take 15 minutes per hole can take 15 minutes for the entire job with a good auger.

Brush Chipper Rental  – Decimating unruly branches and other hard to handle debris is the specialty of the brush chipper, allowing you to break down a large volume of debris into an easily manageable densely packed pile of material.

Trencher  Rental – Digging long consistent holes for underground pipes, wiring, or irrigation is simple and quick with a Lowes Rental Center trencher. Saving you time, money, and effort.

Tiller Rental – While only needed when preparing a new garden or lawn. the tiller is critical in turning the soil, exposing underlying roots, and mixing in new nutrients to an area. Not only does the tiller save time, it mixes the soil much better than possible by hand.

Aerator  Rental – Over time your lawn becomes densely packed thwarting the growth potential of grass and roots as well as inhibiting the movement of soil benefiting bugs and insects. The aerator solves this problem in minutes and will ensure your lawn is thriving to its maximum potential.

Sod Cutter Rental – When its time to remove sod, either for replanting or simply to clear an area, the sod cutter is critical as it neatly lifts the sod and ensures that all roots and seeds are taken away. Once cut, the sod is easily rolled and removed.


Generator Rentals


While many believe it is a good idea to have a generator at home, the cost of these machines, especially the heavy duty ones available at the Lowes Rental Center is cost prohibitive. But when needed there is nothing more useful than these portable power plants that bring power to tools, lights, or even a home using quiet engines and long running fuel tanks.


A generator can be used anywhere there is no power, when the power company fails to provide power, or when an extension cord is not a viable option. Being able to use power tools out in the yard, on the job site, while camping, or as supplemental power when no other source is available. Lowes Rental center generator rentals can make a big difference when power is needed in locations where the power company fails to provide it.


Pressure Washer Rentals


The pressure washer is a single tool that can clean your home, sidewalk, or other surface as well as be used to strip a surface of paint flakes, stains or other debris preparing it for new paint or other new coating. While many attempt to clean surfaces with the jet stream from a common hose, there is no comparison to the incredible focused power that is produced from a motor powered pressure washer. This is the ultimate time saving tool that when used properly can make a home look new again or prepare a surface much more quickly and efficiently than if completed by hand. Let the Lowes Rental Center employees advise you on the proper pressure tool for your needs.


Painting and Texturing Rental


While many common workers and handymen will tell you that using small, push texture sprayers, brushes, and rollers for both painting and applying texture is “good enough”. Nothing saves the time and applies the material more consistently and in a more perfect manner than power texture and paint sprayers from the Lowes Rental Center. There is simply no match for the speed of these machines and their ability to consistently spray in a perfect manner for hours on end if necessary. The manual options simply take too much time, waste money, waste effort, and never achieve the same professional and perfect result.


Texture Sprayer Rental  – Using one of our rental center sprayers will save you time, effort, and money. While the alternative hand held hoppers and “bug -spray” style sprayers can produce a consistent finish in small areas, the mechanized efficiency of a power sprayer is unmatched and the time saved by using these machines, especially with a very large reservoir for source material, rather than a small hopper, saves a tremendous amount of time not having to get  a “re-fill” every few minutes.

Airless Paint Sprayer Rental – There is a reason that painters all use airless paint sprayers, it is because they work. The airless paint sprayer is an incredible machine that delivers paint to a surface in a perfect manner that is consistent and smooth every time. The problem with these machines is that they are difficult to service. Rent one from the Lowes Rental Center and you will be able to make quick work of your job using a machine that has been professionally maintained and is guaranteed to work right.


Flooring and Sanding Equipment Rental


When it comes to hard surface flooring, whether it be for maintenance or refurbishment, there is no substitute for having the right tools at hand. Each of these mechanized tools have a specialized purpose to ensure a beautiful outcome. Owning each of these tools outright for the once every 20 years they are needed is beyond cost effective for the average do it yourself individual. But the Lowes Rental Center keeps these machines in impeccable condition and ready to help you conquer your project at a very affordable price.


Drum Sander Rental – This is a preparation tool that is used prior to applying a new surface coating like paint or varnish. It is used to not only remove the old surface coating, but it also eliminates minor imperfections, scratches, and marks in the old floor.

Floor Sander Rental – After the drum sander has done the hard work, the floor sander comes through and brings the work to a more finished and higher level of perfection. The floor sander uses a finer grain and therefore is able to perfect the work of the drum sander.

Floor Stripper Rental  – A simple tool that is used in removing an old floor. This tool has a motorized, oscillating blade that makes quick work of lifting and eliminating an old floor.

Wood Floor EdgerRental  This is a specialized, motorized sander that gets to the tough spots on a floor that are not easily reached or near edges and corners where the drum sander and floor sander could not access.

Floor MaintainerRental  Many call this a floor buffer, it is the ultimate tool in polishing, adding wax, cleaning, or simply maintaining a large hard surface floor that requires specific types of cleaning methods that require this tool.

Hardwood Floor Stapler Rental – This is specialized tool that is used in the installation of hardwood floors. Not only does it save time, it also ensures a uniformity to the nailing pattern and installation of the floor. A uniformity that can only be attained with a machine, thus making the floor look more consistent than would ever be possible with manual nailing.


Plumbing Drain Snake Rental


While there is a lot of specific reasons that plumbing pipes are made, connected, and put together in certain ways, all of which require a plumber. When these pipes become clogged with a simple obstruction, a motorized plumbing drain snake is a simple solution offered at the Lowes Rental Center that can be used by anyone. These motorized snakes simply push a revolving mechanism through the pipe to clear out the obstruction or impacted material. Better than a hand held snake which can be difficult to maneuver, twist, and operate, the powered plumbing drain snake is professional grade and ready to use, quickly clearing most clogged pipe problems. This is the same machine the plumber will use while he is billing you for much more than the cost of doing it yourself.



Water Pump Rental


Unless you know you are going to have a serious water problem most people do not own water pumps of their own. When it does come time to use a water pump, for most people it is a one time event in order to address an emergency situation. The Lowes Rental Center professional grade, heavy duty water pumps are professionally maintained and ready for your emergency application at any time. Lowes has multiple sizes with varied water pumping volumes available to address any specific need and the friendly knowledgeable staff are ready to answer any questions and to identify the specific model needed for your particular situation.



Concrete and Cutting Tools Rental


Very few individual homeowners need concrete and cutting tools very often, even professional contractors rarely need most of these tools. As a result the Lowes Rental Center is a resource for both providing high quality industrial strength tools at an affordable price to allow you to get the job done right without having to invest in expensive tools. The affordable price also ensures that you use the right tools for the job, not trying to “make due” with substandard equipment. At no time is this more critical than when dealing with the unforgiving nature of concrete, masonry, or tile.


ñCement Mixer Rental – The machine powered mixer saves labor costs, saves time, and ensures that the cement mix is consistent and thoroughly blended before use, providing a better quality outcome on a more consistent basis over trying to mix by hand.

ñConcrete Saw Rental – Using a proper concrete saw and not simply using a concrete blade on a lesser saw ensures a consistent and perfect cut each time. These saws are built to endure and deliver the extra cutting power that is needed when working on concrete.

ñConcrete Wet Saw Rental – There is no tool for larger concrete cutting applications that is more effective than a heavy duty Lowes Rental Center concrete wet saw. These machines are made for large applications and they can cut large areas with consistent straight cuts without overheating.

ñMasonry Saw Rental – The masonry saw is built to provide the flexibility in cutting and the precise amount of power needed to complete any masonry application. This is a specialty tool that when needed saves the user a lot of time and trouble over attempting to cut the same material with traditional non masonry specific tools.

ñMiter Saw Rental – The miter saw provides consistent professional quality complex cuts when needed. Any type of angle cut that is needed, the miter saw can deliver.

ñTile Saw Rental   – When installing tile there are countless cuts and adjustments that must be made to the tile around the edges and when making patterns. The tile saw is a necessary tool for any one doing tile work. There is no acceptable manual substitute and the tile saw will give the do it yourself handy person the ability to do a professional installation.

ñGas Chainsaw Rental – Cutting wood by hand is time consuming and requires a lot of hard work and effort. Cutting wood with an electric chainsaw is an exercise in frustration, cutting wood with a gas chainsaw is a delight and the saw makes any job move fast saving you time, effort, and wasted energy.