How To Rent A Truck From Lowes And What Can You Use It For?

Are you thinking of moving to a new house across the town, state or country? Then you need a moving truck or trailer, it depends on the bulk of your stuff. When renting a truck, there are important questions to consider. To help you with this, here is how to rent a truck from Lowes and what can you use it for:

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  1. You will be asked: Where are you moving? This is the most basic question when you rent a truck. They can accommodate all your needs when you move to another town but if you are moving to another country or state, they will plan for a one-way trip. Generally, this kind of trip is more expensive but the additional charge is worth than the hassle you will experience of moving trucks all by yourself. Also, the client will pay for the return trip back to its origin.
  2. The size of the truck you need. When you rent a truck at Lowes, they will provide you with a size-guide so that you will have an idea of how big or small you need. For example, a 26-foot truck can accommodate a house with four or more bedrooms and for a small apartment; you can have the 10-foot mini mover. After checking the size-guide, if you still do not have an idea what size to rent, the personnel will help you decide for this. Remember, it is better to rent a bigger size truck than a smaller one to have enough space for your things. This is very important especially if you are moving to a far place, switching another truck in the last hour can cause delays.
  3. When are you planning to move? This is very important as there are peak seasons that starts in the last week of May until September. The best way is to book in advance to reserve a truck. Also, this can affect the price as they will charge more during peak season.

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This is the process on how to rent a truck from Lowes; this will greatly help you to have an easier transfer.