Home Depot Tool Rentals verses Lowes – Which Is Better?

Tool Rentals

Comparing the two giants of the home improvement store chains on the rental front is not to difficult. As of now , in most areas of the country , lowes tool rentals centers are few and far between. On the other hand ,Home depot will usually have multiple tool rentals  in your city or region with a rental center. These stores provide rental options for customers who don’t want to purchase tools that they may only use once, twice, or a few times. When determining whether to buy or rent resources, you must consider price and accessibility.

The best cost for renting clearly depends on how much time you will require for the tool. Lowe’s stores in your area demand $34 for just about any four-hour tile saw renting or $48 every day. The method-size device that cuts up to 16″ (for the 12″ x 12″ ceramic floors we designated) may also be sold at an each week rate of $192. Buying a porcelain tile saw with the same capabilities would charge you $258. The House Depot link recommends that the Ryobi WS750L has a price model that’s readily available and that includes a stand that allows for sliding cuts.

It does not seem practical to purchase the Ryobi for only one task since the weekly renting rates are less expensive. Lowe’s also provides fundamental desk-style porcelain tile saw for $89. Such model mandates that you manually move floor tiles to slice them (it is no slider), but it might be the most affordable tile saw that Lowe’s offers.

Home Depot Tool Rental verses Lowes – Which Is Better?

For an outdoor patio project, there is the mitre saw. Lowe’s rents the Ridgid MS1290LZA for a value of $30 for 4 hrs, $43 at any day, or $144 in just about any week. The Ryobi TS1343L has designs that are as expensive as $119. Under such circumstances, it may seem sensible to purchase, instead of rent, a saw if you would need it every day. The design that Lowe’s offers is actually a better option because it is a complete unit, which you can get for $569. However, it packs much more energy than necessary for simple board slashes.

Availability is also an issue when determining whether you should rent or purchase a tool. The closest shops in Lowe’s don’t rent resources; therefore, it opened two other Lowe’s shops within the area. One of the locations rent a pair of mitre saws; just one was readily available back then. The same place had three porcelain tile saws for renting, and all kinds of these three had been available. Rental resources have first arrived in the area, although no one seem to know that they have.

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