If you live in snow country, then you already know what dealing with heavy snowfall all winter long is like. Simply put, it’s no fun at all.

Perhaps the most annoying wintertime task is removing that snow from your driveway and walkways. In the midst of winter, removing this snow feels like a seemingly endless chore. It continues to pile up no matter how hard you try to remove it.

That’s where snow plows enter the picture. For those living in areas where snow shovels and snow blowers just don’t cut it, a snow plow might be the answer to your prayers. These heavy-duty snow-moving machines clear driveways quickly and efficiently.

Unfortunately, buying your own snow plow also costs an arm and a leg. The things are expensive upfront and expensive to maintain. So why not rent a snow plow?

A snow plow rental is the cost effective way to clear your driveway this winter. It allows you to do the job quickly and efficiently without buying a snow plow of your own. Likewise, it also allows you to clear your driveway without hiring a plow driver.

So which type of snow plow is best for you? We look at the main types of snow plows in greater detail below. These include straight plows, v-plows, and containment plows. We also discuss manual, electric, and hydraulic plows.

Straight Plows  

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The straight plow is one of the most common snow plow designs. As its name implies, it consists of a straight blade. The blade can be attached to a truck or an ATV for use.

The key to using a straight plow is remembering to make all passes away from buildings. This will ensure that all the snow piles up in one spot. You should try to get this snow as far away from all buildings as possible.


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The V-plow is slightly more rugged than the straight plow. It utilizes a v-shaped plow that allows the operator to make an initial break through. This makes v-plows the perfect choice for those dealing with hard-packed snow or ice. They also work well on deep drifts. Like straight plows, they can be attached to either trucks or ATVs.

Many models of V-plows come with two settings. These include the V-shape and a straight plow shape. In this sense, many V-plows are actually two types of snow plows in one. The V setting allows you to break through tough snowpack while the straight setting allows you to push away the snow.

Containment Plow  

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The containment plow is perhaps the most effective type of snow plow. With that said, it is also the most expensive, even for a rental. This type of plow utilizes a snow pusher that is box shaped. The edges of the blade ensure that snow doesn’t slip out as you push the snow.

Containment plows are clear snow quickly and efficiently. They do not create windrows. This eliminates the need to go back and plow up spills.

Manual Snow Plow  

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Manual snow plows are the simplest types of snow plow designs. They come in straight, V-shape, and containment models. Manual snow plows simply consist of the blade. It sits in one place and cannot be moved.

Electric Snow Plow  

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Electric snow plows give you the ability to lift, lower, and change the plow angle. You can do all of this from controls within your vehicle. Most of the time, these electric snow plows are more difficult to install than manual plows.

Hydraulic Snow Plow  

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Like electric snow plows, manual snow plows give you total control over your plow. You can lift, lower, and change the plow able. The system uses hydraulic pressure. Unfortunately, hydraulic snow plows often require professional installation. This makes them an inconvenient option for those looking into snow plow rentals.

Other Factors to Consider  

There are a number of other factors to take into account when you’re looking to rent a snow plow. Chief among these are the vehicle you’ll be using, the type of mounts you’ll be attaching it to, and any accessories you might want.

Home snow plows can be used on two main types of vehicles. These include trucks and ATVs/UTVs. Renting a truck snow plow gives you the luxury of sitting in the warmth of your cab while plowing your driveway. An ATV/UTV plow, on the other hand, allows you a little more flexibility.

In addition to the type of vehicle you’ll be using your rental snow plow with, it’s also important to consider how you’ll mount it to said vehicle. While many people also choose to rent the mounts, this is one area where buying is sometimes a smarter option. Buy the mounts for your vehicle and rent the plow.

A wide range of accessories can be purchased to use with your snow plow. These allow you to get the most out of the machine. Accessories include plow lights, snow deflectors, and any number of replacement items.

Snow Plow Machine  

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One last type of snow plow to consider is a snow plow machine. In many ways, these are more similar to snow blowers than standard snow plows.

Snow plow machines are self contained. You don’t need to attach them to your vehicle. Instead, you push them along the ground to remove the snow. Naturally, this takes a whole lot more effort than using your vehicle. On the flip side, renting these tools is far cheaper. You can also rent a version with engine-driven wheels to make plowing even easier.

How to Choose the Right Snow Plow Rental for You  

When a large winter storm rolls through, you want to rest assured that you’ll be able to remove the snow and ice without a hitch. To prevent long hours of shoveling and unbelievable fatigue, you should consider renting a snow plow.

The key to finding the best snow plow rental is basing your decision on your personal needs and preferences. How big is the space you’re planning to clear? How much snowfall has there been? What type of vehicle are you planning to use? Take all of these questions into consideration and you’ll end up with the best snow plow for you before you know it.

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