Construction jobs always involve some level of heavy lifting. Having a machine to help with that lifting can take a lot of strain out of the job and save a lot of time. Construction lifts are expensive, but many hardware stores offer rentals. If you are trying to figure out what type of lift is right for your job, this post will help.Local Rental Yard is the best place to get your job done on time and on Budget

Construction Lift Rental

Construction Lifts

Genie Lift Rentals

The Genie Lift is a unique product with a wide variety of uses. The lift itself functions as a hand truck, a forklift, and a dolly. Multifunctional tools are invaluable in construction jobs. The aluminum frame of the genie lift keeps it lightweight, reducing your workload. The frame also telescopes, making storage a breeze. Swiveling wheels on the front of the lift makes it easy to move through tight corners.

The Genie Lift is great for electrical work, duct work,drywall and ceiling panels. The lift has a capacity of 350-500 pounds and can lift objects between 6 and 13.5 feet.

Genie has more than fifty years of expertise in the construction business. You can feel confident that the Genie Lift will meet your expectations.

Boom Lifts Rentals

When you need to get something a large distance in the air, a boom lift is the way to go. Boom lifts come in two distinct types.

Articulating Boom Lifts Rental

Sanding Blocks

Articulate Boom Lifts

Articulating boom lifts create an aerial platform that workers can stand on. The arm on this lift is has a bend in its arm, giving access to difficult to reach areas. These lifts can lift people higher than 40 feet in the air. Outdoor projects on large buildings will all but require one of these lifts.

Articulating boom lifts come in both gas powered and bi-energy electric and diesel powered. The bi-energy models are useful for indoor projects where exhaust could be an issue.

Rent Telescopic Boom Lifts 

Drywall T Squares

Telescoping Lift

Telescopic boom lifts are the basic type of boom lift. They have a straight arm that extends and retracts to raise and lower a work platform. Repositioning the arm can provide more horizontal or more vertical reach. This gives telescopic boom lifts some level of flexibility.

Telescopic boom lifts have the height advantage over articulating boom lifts. You can reach as high as 185 feet on a telescopic boom lift. Like articulating boom lifts, telescoping booms come in both gas powered and bi-energy models.

Scissor Lift Rentals

A scissor lift is work platform that only moved up and down. Scissor lifts take their name from the crisscross pattern of the supports under the platform. Scissor lifts come attached to motor vehicles, making them the most mobile lift. Scissor lifts are perfect for outdoor jobs that call for lifts in more than one area.

Scissor lifts provide large work areas, making them ideal for two-man jobs. Most scissor lifts work best on flat terrain. Rough terrain scissor lifts include features like four-wheel drive and traction control. They also buy doxycycline antibiotic include suspensions designed for use in less even terrain. Window cleaning or maintenance jobs are a perfect example of the use of a scissor lift.

Drywall Lifts

A drywall lift is a lift designed for the sole purpose of mounting drywall. Lifts vary in size and capacity but most have many features in common. The platform of the lift rotates to become vertical or horizontal. This makes mounting the dry wall on the lift much easier. Once the drywall is on the lift, you can maneuver it into difficult areas. You can even use the lift for hanging drywall on your ceiling if your model is tall enough.

Drywall lifts are versatile and can hold drywall slabs of many sizes. They are also small enough to fit into a car or truck and many can be deconstructed. This means they are portable enough for jobs that need a lot of travel. You operate the lift manually rather than with motors, so it is perfect for indoor use.

Man Lift Rentals

Man lifts are devices that function like a mix between an escalator and elevator. They move passengers from one floor of a building to another. Man lifts work with a series of platforms or steps attached to a belt. The belt moves continuously so you can go up using the platforms on one side and down on the other.

Man lifts are perfect for situations where people need to get around multi-storied buildings. They work faster than elevators because of their continuous movement between floors. The main drawback of man lifts is that their safety concerns. Proper training and common sense can help reduce those concerns.

Engine Lift Rentals

An engine lift, also known as an engine hoist or jack, can lift an engine to install it in a car or truck. The lift can also remove the engine from a car or truck. This is great when you need to do repair work on the engine but can’t reach parts of it.

Engine hoists have a steel frame to provide the necessary counterweight. This means that they are too heavy to be portable. A hydraulic cylinder attached to the frame provides the lift. A hook attached to the hydraulic cylinder hooks on to the engine to pull it out of the car.

Another type of engine lift is the electric cable winch. This type of lift only works when there is an overhead beam or other sturdy structure. Winches are hand cranked to lift the engine out of the car. They use the overhead beam, tree limb, or other structure to lift the engine up.


No matter what type of construction job you are doing a lift will come in handy. What type of lift you will need depends on the type of work, but this article will help you decide. Please get in touch with us at [insert number] if you have any questions or need any help. We have the right lift to fit any need you may have. We will always be happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.

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