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Let’s face it! Some jobs that you may do around your house are going to require special tools. However, these tools can be expensive– especially when you are going to use them for just one job.


So why spend hundreds of dollars oaboutn a tool when you could rent it from Lowes for a portion of the purchase price? Within specific Lowes stores, there is the ProServices Desk that is meant to be your gateway for finding the tools that you need to complete the job: you can rent them for the day, the week or however long it may take you to complete the job.


Types of Tools Offered and Locations 




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Arizona Illinois
Arkansas Indiana
California Iowa
Colorado Kansas
Connecticut Kentucky
Delaware Louisiana
Florida Maine
Georgia Maryland
Massachusetts New Mexico South Dakota
Michigan New York Tennessee
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The States that are have links have rental centers. All others have Truck


rental and carpet cleaning machines for rent as a minimum .The types of tools that are offered through Lowes tool rental program usually vary from location to location.Almost all lowes home improvement locations do offers a couple of rentals. These include The Lowes Truck Rental or the Rug doctor carpet cleaning rental machine. The Carpet cleaning rental machines rents starting at 24.99 for 24 hour. This does not include the necessary cleaning chemicals.Some stores have the larger more commercial carpet cleaning machine for rent as well/ However the stores that have rental centers, Lowes state that they offer mitre saws, concretes saws, concrete mixers, demolition hammers, moving dollies, air compressors, augers, tilers, sanders, buffers, steamers, air nailers and staplers, as well as numerous other tools to meet your construction, plumbing, lawn/garden and home improvement needs.

With the tool rental program offered by Lowes, you can save money as compared to buying these tools for a one time job. In addition, you can avoid wasting money; if you were to buy those tools on your own, chances are they would sit in your garage and simply rust with no use.

The prices for tool rental vary according to the tool and the amount of time that you will be renting that tool. However, for the most part, Lowes state that their tools can be rented for $25 to $65 per day.

You no longer have to worry about an incomplete job because of a lack of tools. With the tool rental program, all your jobs can get done and done right the first time, because you have access to the right tools.


Compound Mitre Saw 8″ Tile saw
14″ Electric Concrete Saw 10″ Tile saw
Electric Concrete Mixer- 3000 watt generator ( no extra gas )
60lb. Electric Demolition Hammer and bits 25lb. Rotary Combo Hammer and bits
Moving Dolly Knee Kicker ( no carpet tucker)
Airless Paint Sprayer (small and large) Multi-position 26′ ladder ( collapsible)
Drywall Lift 15′ ( with Trailer) Air Compressor sizes
25′ Electric Sewer Eel 2″ Submersible Water Pump and hose
50′ Sewer Snake- Floor Nailer (Air) and case
Floor Stapler (Air) Roofing Nailer (Air)
Framing Nailer (Air) Electric Floor Scraper ( extra blades must be purchased)
Pressure Washer 2400 psi with attachments and 50’ hose Flooring Drum Sander* ( Extra Sand Paper not included)
Floor Edger Sander* ( Extra Sand Paper not included) 17″ floor buffer ( 1 pad included)
Wallpaper steamer and case Carpet Cleaning Machine







Buying Versus Renting Tools

Is the tool worth investing or it will end up as an additional item in your storage room? This is one of the reasons why everyone should understand the idea of buying versus renting tools.

Before shopping for tools that you need in your home improvement, ask yourself if you really need the following set of tools in your list. This does not mean that you do not need them but you can have them through renting tools than actually buy them.

Buying Versus Renting Tools

Stores like Lowe’s charge rental fees at hourly rates, half-day, whole day, weekly or even monthly. Also, they have a wide selection of branded and professional-quality tools. If your option is to rent, make sure you know the project duration or how often you are going to use the tools. Miscalculation of the frequency means that you have extended the use of the tools and will cost you more. In effect, it is more practical to buy the tools than rent them.

Buying Versus Renting Tools

On the other hand, renting tools has its own advantages, these are:

Buying Versus Renting Tools
  • Save money. A home owner or contractor does not want to spend thousands of dollars just to spend for tools. The most effective way to have all the things they need is to rent tools and equipment. This option will save them from increasing debt; thus it will save them more money. In most cases, people buy different tools but they are only used once or twice and then place them in the storage area. This is not a wise decision; instead they can rent tools and equipment at affordable rental stores.
  • Reliable. When you rent tools, this would mean that the tools are reliable and efficient because they have the best and latest tools available. Also, using high quality tools will deliver quality work.
  • Some rentals such as on time Lawn mower rentals are not worth the big expense

Finally, buying tools that will be used once is impractical, homeowners and contractors will benefit more if they will rent tools and equipment.

Home Depot Tool Rentals verses Lowes – Which Is Better?

Tool Rentals

Comparing the two giants of the home improvement store chains on the rental front is not to difficult. As of now , in most areas of the country , lowes tool rentals centers are few and far between. On the other hand ,Home depot will usually have multiple tool rentals  in your city or region with a rental center. These stores provide rental options for customers who don’t want to purchase tools that they may only use once, twice, or a few times. When determining whether to buy or rent resources, you must consider price and accessibility.

The best cost for renting clearly depends on how much time you will require for the tool. Lowe’s stores in your area demand $34 for just about any four-hour tile saw renting or $48 every day. The method-size device that cuts up to 16″ (for the 12″ x 12″ ceramic floors we designated) may also be sold at an each week rate of $192. Buying a porcelain tile saw with the same capabilities would charge you $258. The House Depot link recommends that the Ryobi WS750L has a price model that’s readily available and that includes a stand that allows for sliding cuts.

It does not seem practical to purchase the Ryobi for only one task since the weekly renting rates are less expensive. Lowe’s also provides fundamental desk-style porcelain tile saw for $89. Such model mandates that you manually move floor tiles to slice them (it is no slider), but it might be the most affordable tile saw that Lowe’s offers.

Home Depot Tool Rental verses Lowes – Which Is Better?

For an outdoor patio project, there is the mitre saw. Lowe’s rents the Ridgid MS1290LZA for a value of $30 for 4 hrs, $43 at any day, or $144 in just about any week. The Ryobi TS1343L has designs that are as expensive as $119. Under such circumstances, it may seem sensible to purchase, instead of rent, a saw if you would need it every day. The design that Lowe’s offers is actually a better option because it is a complete unit, which you can get for $569. However, it packs much more energy than necessary for simple board slashes.

Availability is also an issue when determining whether you should rent or purchase a tool. The closest shops in Lowe’s don’t rent resources; therefore, it opened two other Lowe’s shops within the area. One of the locations rent a pair of mitre saws; just one was readily available back then. The same place had three porcelain tile saws for renting, and all kinds of these three had been available. Rental resources have first arrived in the area, although no one seem to know that they have.

Lowest Tool Rental in Arizona: Lowe’s

At Lowe’s stores, over 40,000 different products, 15 product categories of tools to appliances, lumber, paint and even nursery products. Lowe’s caters to Special orders of their customers; about thousands of various products are available for this. Also, they offer everything their customers need to maintain, build and beautify to enjoy the homes they live in. All over the United States, Mexico and Canada, Lowe’s operates in over 1,745 stores.

Lowe’s has daily low prices on their paint, hardware, tools, flooring, home dйcor, appliances, garden essentials and many more. For those who cannot find time to visit the nearest Lowe’s stores, you can still shop online at For more great deals they have a super sale during Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

Lowest Tool Rental in Arizona: Lowe’s

To shop for your home needs or you need to rent tools, these are Lowe’s lowest tool rental stores in Arizona:

  • Lowe’s Home Improvement
    1229 S Ellsworth Rd, Mesa, AZ
    85209 (480) 373-2440
  • Lowe’s Home Improvement
    1440 S Higley Rd, Mesa, AZ
    85206 (480) 832-1666
  • Lowe’s Home Improvement
    734 S Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ
    85296 (480) 558-1007
  • Lowe’s Home Improvement
    777 Baseline Rd, Tempe, AZ
    852283 (480) 458-1870
  • Lowe’s Home Improvement
    7950 E McDowell Rd, Scottsdale, AZ
    852257 (480) 874-8120
  • Lowe’s Home Improvement
    2900 W Chandler Blvd, Chandler, AZ
    85224 (480) 855-0012
  • Lowe’s Home Improvement
    7100 W Ray Rd, Chandler, AZ
    85226 (480) 753-0103
  • Lowe’s Home Improvement
    4730 Higley Rd, Gilbert, AZ
    85297 (480) 840-6280
  • Lowe’s Home Improvement
    4300 S Arizona Ave, Chandler, AZ
    85248 (480) 883-2200
  • Lowe’s Home Improvement
    16285 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ
    85254 (480) 607-0246
  • Lowe’s Home Improvement
    1950 W Baseline Rd, Phoenix, AZ
    85041 (602) 323-8550
  • Lowe’s Home Improvement
    2929 W Thunderbird Rd, Phoenix, AZ
    85053 (602) 564-7811
  • Lowe’s Home Improvement
    5809 W Northern Ave, Glendale, AZ
    85301 (623) 463-6120
  • Lowe’s Home Improvement
    34700 N Cave Creek Road, Carefree, AZ
    85377 (480) 437-3540
Lowest Tool Rental in Arizona: Lowe’s

If you are looking for tools to rent or your home needs, visit the nearest Lowe’s in your place.

Renting Small Zero-Turn Radius Lawn Mowers for Your Yard

Lawn mowers come in different shapes and sizes – from small lightweight types that people normally push to big-sized riding variations and the really cool small zero radius lawn mowers. The term “riding mower” has been utilized to indicate any mower that you can ride on. It can also be associated with a residential tractor mower.

A riding mower is a machine with a rear engine where the operator can sit on and cut grass. A ride-on mower with a front engine is a lawn tractor that can do more cuts over the lawn. There are two variations of these mowers: zero-turn riders and conventional riders. Zero-turn mower reviews show that the zero-turn radius or ZTR turns around on its own track and maximizes movement. Most of the zero-turn mowers can maneuver twice the speed of conventional riders. Among the best brands and models are Honda, Toro, and John Deer.

Toro ZTR Mowers

Renting Small Zero-Turn Radius Lawn Mowers for Your Yard

Toro mowers, just like the other most popular mowers, were created with the home owner in mind. Its zero-turn-maneuver mechanism and fast grass-cutting speed can potentially cut your mowing time to 50%. Of course, there are also several models to the Toro brand, and you can also choose among the Toro ZTR model the one that will work best for you.

Renting Small Zero-Turn Radius Lawn Mowers for Your Yard

There are Toro riding mowers with different types of blades, from 42-inch blades to 50-inch blades. Most of the models have mulch kits or twin bagging systems. And the type of model you should choose should depend on the type of space you want to do your cutting with. The 42-inch blade is good for tight spaces and provides a good quality of cut over uneven terrains. The 50-inch blade is good for cutting a larger lawn or space where there are lesser obstacles. If you have a large lawn, this machine would be good for you.

Scag Mowers

Scag produces the very famous Wildcat, FreedomZ, and Tiger Cub zero-turn radius mowers.

The Scag mower was created by experts using the latest technological innovations like pulse air torque guns. These technologies increase the functionality of each Scag mower and ensure that it is suitable for quality riding and lawn care.

Renting Small Zero-Turn Radius Lawn Mowers for Your Yard

Scag lawn mowers like the Scag 52 SWZ Turn Walk behind Mower have dual hydraulic pumps and cast-iron wheel motors that provide its operators with more efficient control on the wheels. Counter-rotation turning enables one wheel to move forward while the other goes in reverse, reducing turf and provoking maneuverability over uneven lawn surfaces.

Tools You Should Rent

Purchasing an expensive tool that will be used once or just twice a year on a specific project and leave it in the storage room after is a waste of money. The best option is to rent, you can use high-quality tools that will surely deliver quality output and save you more time.

Tools You Should Rent

The tools you should rent than buy are the following:

Tile Saw

Yes, you can buy a cheap tile saw at $50 only, this will seem a good deal but this kind of tile saw has limited capabilities. This is designed for porcelain and ceramic tiles but is not a good kind for cutting thick or marble tiles. Also, the adjustable arm and small deck will have trouble in accommodating big tiles if you are cutting a 16-22 inch tiles. With this, you can rent high-quality tile saws that can handle any type of tile. This kind of tile saw sells at $1200. However, if you really want to buy commercial tile saw, the better option is to buy from rental centers, they sell used tools.

Post-Hole Digger

Manual post-hole digger sells for only $25 but this cannot do the job if you are building a deck or putting a fence. Instead of buying a clamshell and manual post-hole digger, you can rent a one or two person powerful auger depending on the type of soil you are going to dig. This will save you more time.

Rotary Hammer

Once in a while, you need a rotary hammer to bore your foundation to knock old mortar or run a dryer but you need to use a more powerful tool. You can purchase masonry bits but without the hammer action that it requires, drilling and pushing will not go anywhere. You need to use a rotary hammer and in just thirty seconds, you are done! However, a rotary hammer is expensive that sells hundreds of dollars or more for quality brands. The best way is to rent it, usually they charge you for only $35 for the duration of four hours.


Normally, you only need a tiller once or even twice a year unless you are fanatic of gardening. Most of the time, it just adds a space in your storage room. If you use a tiller for two hours each year, you can rent a hydraulic rear tiller for only $90-$100 each day.

These tools are better rented than bought. Remember, when you decide to buy a tool, one of the most important factors to consider is the frequency of its use.

Tools You Should Rent

The Benefits of Cleaning Tools Rental

Cleaning tools are very important in various facilities. However, in purchasing cleaning tools there are few important things to consider like: how often they are used, inventory of available cleaning tools, where to purchase them and the most important thing is whether to purchase or simply rent them.

The Benefits of Cleaning Tools Rental

There is no question as to the purchase of tools which are used regularly but for those tools that are not used frequently, renting is more cost-effective and a better option. The reasons are:

  • Renting cleaning tools will allow the user to test them before buying. Cleaning facilities especially large ones are very demanding and not all tools can deliver the job well. Often, renting is a practical idea to test various types of machines and brands first to test which of them works best for your needs.
  • Renting allows tax simplification and tax savings. Generally, renting tools or equipment is treated as an expense for the business like depreciation cost, maintenance and other related matters.
  • Renting is one of the best solutions when there are special cleaning jobs that must be performed. For instance, the majority of the facilities need to clean carpets or refinish hard floor surfaces twice or thrice a year. It is cost effective since in-house staff can do the job and the owner of the facility can rent high-quality carpet extractors and scrubbers. This will surely save thousands of dollars.
  • Renting is a better option when time is limited and if you need extra equipment.
  • Renting carpet cleaning tools is advantageous for those one time or rare tasks like cleaning up after new construction or remodelling to avoid additional expenses.
  • Renting is a great option in case of emergencies. For example, when the facility needs equipment for wet or dry cleaning, air movers, buckets and mops to handle emergencies in a situation of water damage. It can get the job easier done at a significantly lower expense.

So, if you are in a dilemma whether to buy or rent cleaning tools you need, the advantages listed above will help you make a wise decision.

How To Rent A Truck From Lowe’s And What Can You Use It For?

Are you thinking of moving to a new house across the town, state or country? Then you need a moving truck or trailer, it depends on the bulk of your stuff. When renting a truck, there are important questions to consider. To help you with this, here is how to rent a truck from Lowe’s and what can you use it for:

How To Rent A Truck From Lowe’s And What Can You Use It For?
  1. You will be asked: Where are you moving? This is the most basic question when you rent a truck. They can accommodate all your needs when you move to another town but if you are moving to another country or state, they will plan for a one-way trip. Generally, this kind of trip is more expensive but the additional charge is worth than the hassle you will experience of moving trucks all by yourself. Also, the client will pay for the return trip back to its origin.
  2. The size of the truck you need. When you rent a truck at Lowe’s, they will provide you with a size-guide so that you will have an idea of how big or small you need. For example, a 26-foot truck can accommodate a house with four or more bedrooms and for a small apartment; you can have the 10-foot mini mover. After checking the size-guide, if you still do not have an idea what size to rent, the personnel will help you decide for this. Remember, it is better to rent a bigger size truck than a smaller one to have enough space for your things. This is very important especially if you are moving to a far place, switching another truck in the last hour can cause delays.
  3. When are you planning to move? This is very important as there are peak seasons that starts in the last week of May until September. The best way is to book in advance to reserve a truck. Also, this can affect the price as they will charge more during peak season.
How To Rent A Truck From Lowe’s And What Can You Use It For?

This is the process on how to rent a truck from Lowe’s; this will greatly help you to have an easier transfer.

Tool Rental Service

Many projects need powerful tools that will be used for a day, week or just a few hours. There is a store that answers your needs, the Lowe’s store. They have a tool rental program that helps everyone save money and time through renting tools they need. You can do the job all by yourself and return the tools when you are done.

Lowe’s offers various rental tools that you need for home improvement projects such as cleaning, flooring, lawn and garden, painting and other general constructions works. Identify the tools you need and visit their ProServices Desk, simply rent the tools and you can start on your project. The whole process of renting takes a few minutes, you can rent the tools at the minimum of four hours or a week or more. The rates vary from each tool but range from $25-$65.

In the Lowe’s rental program, they have dedicated professionals to serve the need of every customer. Their service to customers means:

Tool Rental Service
  • Focus on every customer’s needs by utilizing their knowledgeable and skilled staff.
  • Honesty in dealing with customers.
  • Offers affordable prices yet quality tools.
  • Provides the right products to their customers.
  • Provides high-quality tools to keep their promise of quality service.
  • Provides a wide range of tools that customers can choose from. Also, the tools brands are of high quality.
  • Dealing with staff are pleasurable and easy.

At Lowe’s, every customer is assured of excellent service and deliver quality and safe products in every household. They strive to meet every detail of the customer’s needs through proper management of operations in an honest and truthful manner.

They believe that their reputation and integrity can be achieved through utmost dedication to serving the customers. They serve with fairness, efficiency, safety and courtesy. If the customer is not satisfied with the tools he rented, the staff will gladly answer his needs.

Lowe’s can be found all over the US and they continue to grow in different places to cater the needs of their customers. They are located in the following areas, ready to help you with your home improvement or construction.

In Arizona, they are located in North Phoenix, Happy Valley, Peoria, S. Scottsdale and Surprise. If you reside in Florida, the stores are located in Central Tampa, Riverview, St. Peterburg, N. Tampa and Port Richey.

In New York, you can find them in Albany, Halfmoon and Glenmont. Also, they have stores in Ohio located in Dublin, Central Columbus, West Columbus, South West Columbus and Reynoldsburg.

For residents of Tennessee, Lowe’s can be visited in Nashvilles, West Nashville, North Nashville, Dickson and Smyrna. In addition, they are located in North Carolina in these places: Salisbury, Concord, Mooresvilles, S.E. Charlotte, Denver and C. Charlotte. If you happen to reside in South Carolina, Lowe’s is in N. Lancaster.

Tool Rental Service

The tool rental service of Lowe’s can be found in these places. They are ready to serve you.

Does Lowe’s Home Improvement Store Rent Tools?

Lowe’s improvement store offers rental tools for home improvement projects. These tools come in variety, with each tool designed for a specific home remodeling task. There are tools used for tile setup, tools used for home painting, and many others.

Tools for Tile Setup

The following is a list of tools you can use for tile setup:

Does Lowe’s Home Improvement Store Rent Tools?
  • Tile nippers – also called tile biters or a nibbling tool, a pair of tile nippers can break a small chunk off of almost any tile. To make a cut with nippers, break off tile gradually in tiny bites. You must be patient and careful, as it’s very possible that you will break a tile or two in the process. But if you have only a few non-straight cuts to make – or some straight lines that have been scored on a snap cutter but are too close to the edge of the tiles to actually snap – this tool could save you the trouble of renting a wet saw.
  • Hacksaw frame with rod saw blade – if you’re working with a soft tile (meaning, mostly ceramic and stone wall tiles), a hacksaw equipped with a cylindrical blade can cut curves and do cutouts.
  • Tile stone – a tile stone is a file for taking a bit off the edge of the tile. Still, you don’t necessarily need one. The rough face of a cinder block works nearly as well.

Tools for Home Painting

Thoroughly cleaned brushes are available at the store and come in different designs and compositions to suit your needs, and they are offered at affordable rates.

There are certain home improvement projects that require tools that you would be needing only for a week, a day, or even a few hours. On the other hand, companies operating on handyman services usually charge high. You can save time and money from hiring professional handyman services or from buying home improvement tools by simply renting out tools. With Lowe’s tool rental program, you can just rent the tools you need and do the job yourself.