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A Guide on  Renting a Brush Cutter

We’ve all been there; one morning, you look outside the window and your face falls in shock, wondering what happened to your lawn to let it grow out of control. Tall grass, a smattering of weeds and a general sense of roughness stare back at you, daring you to do something about it. You think about getting the weed whacker out, but you know that’s only going to be an exercise in futility. That’s when you start doiSpot Cleaning Machines

ng some research and realize that this job can only be carried out using a brush cutter.
A brush cutter is a grass trimmer that can efficiently clear grass and cut it down to size within a short amount of time. These are motorized instruments that are smaller than lawn mowers, giving them an incredible range of maneuverability. A brush cutter closely resembles a chainsaw, with the only exception that it can only be used to carry out lawn tasks.

Rent a brush cutter today!renting tools

            For the most part, a lot of us won’t need to purchase a brush cutter for the sole reason that the average lawn gets a decent amount of care. Brush cutters may make sense once or twice a year, which is why renting them makes more sense. Renting gives you the flexibility of having access to a machine that would’ve cost hundreds of dollars to purchase as well as the peace of mind in knowing that you won’t have to look forward to costly maintenance and repair fees. Your Local Rental Yard should have a variety of brush cutters or bush wackers . Brush cutters for rent  can be rented for couple hours , to a day , to  a week , or long term rental / leases

Safety First!

         After choosing your ideal brush cutter, there are various things you should consider when it comes to safety. First off, make sure to operate this type of machine in well-ventilated areas since it produces toxic fumes that may be colorless and odorless. Operating it within a closed space can lead to the buildup of carbon monoxide gas which is deadly and can cause unconsciousness and shortly after, death.
Another great safety tip when using brush cutter is to make sure to use it away from anything that’s easily combustible. This may include dry leaves, wood chips, bark and dry grass. This is because brush cutters emit hot air which can ignite dry items over a long period of time.
You should always endeavor to use your machine during times of clear visibility, and always have your wits with you to keep yourself and others safe. Read the manual that comes with the tool in its entirety, and operate your wood cutter only with a proper shield. As a rule of thumb, do not wear loose-fitting clothes, dangling jewelry and earrings as well as clothes with long sleeves when using your brush cutter. Lastly, make sure to inspect the ground that you intend to use the cutter on for pieces of stone, glass, debris and any solid objects that may get picked up by the machine, causing it to malfunction.

Choose the right brush cutter

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There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when choosing the right brush cutter that we’ll take a look at shortly. For starters, it’s important to choose a machine with the adequate amount of horsepower since this will shorten the amount of time you’ll spend cutting the lawn. In addition, your choice of cutter should be informed by the thickness of the vegetation you’re intending to cut, as well as the length of the cutter shaft (the longer shaft, the better the range, making cutting a breeze).
If you want to adapt your machine to the contours of your hands as well as ergonomics, choose a cutter that has a harness as well as one whose handlebar is angled to the left since this will reduce the unevenness of the load placed on your back. In addition, ask the rental company to give you a machine that has good vibration dampening to ensure that you don’t get tired fast when working with your brush cutter.

Cutting methods

            Brush cutters are also known as brush hogs and brush mowers. When it comes to cutting methods, there are various way of doing your lawn depending on its state as well as the desired result. The first one is called trimming and it involves slowly feeding the cutter’s trimmer to the material you wish to cut and then tilting the head of the machine away from you to protect you from the debris. With this technique, you have to be careful when approaching any kind of obstruction such as a fence or a wall; make sure to angle the machine when approaching the obstruction so that any debris that ricochets off it doesn’t fly into your eyes.

The other cutting method is known as scalping. Before getting started, make sure that your machine isn’t fitted with a steel blade. Once you’re ready, find an angle you’re comfortable with so you’re able to work comfortably, considering the fact that you may have to contend with pieces of concrete or pebbles. Scalping is ideal for areas where grass has overgrown onto pavement or the driveway, making this method a risky one when it comes to personal safety. If you’re not comfortable with the whole scalping process, consider getting someone trained in the technique to do it for you instead.